Reminder: Data Discovery Interest Group Meeting on 16 August at 12pm UTC, the group plenary session, a new co-chair

14 Aug 2023
Groups audience: 

Greetings All,
Hope you are all well.
We would like to brief you on three things:
1. Our plenary session proposal
been accepted, the session is scheduled on Day II, Tuesday 24 October
2023. It would be great if you were able to join the session.
We would like to invite 2-3 presentations from group members or potential
session participants to introduce their work or practice in related to any
of the topics as expressed in ten rules below. If you are interested in
presenting, please contact any group co-chairs by 30 September.
2. A reminder that our next group call is this Wednesday 16 August,
starting 12pm UTC. You can check your local time here
The meeting will again be a co-working session to further develop and add
to the text in the Ten Things for Data Discovery
we are making progress on the document, Rules 2, 7, 8 and 10 still need
some attention. You can refer to the table below (or at the beginning of
the document) if you need a reminder of who is working on which rules.
Next steps
Rule 1 Know your user
Kathleen, Ming
Polish, trim
Rule 2 Improve presence in web search
Needs to be written up
Rule 3 Be present in literature search
Polish, trim
Rule 4 Support both disciplinary and interdisciplinary search
Ming, Felicitas
Review, Polish, trim
Rule 5 Support broad terms to narrow terms
Ming, Felicitas
Review, Polish, trim
Rule 6 Duplication
Ming, Fotis, Chris Hunter
Review, Polish, trim
Rule 7 Search data within data
Fotis plus??
Motivation drafted
Needs to be written up
Rule 8 User’s metadata needs
Antica, Ying-Hsang
Rough outline
Needs to be written up
Rule 9 Metadata quality / linked data
Ming, Antica
Review, Polish, trim
Rule 10 Include identifiers
Needs to be written up
* Here is the agenda and notes

the monthly call, and the Zoom link which we will

ID: 923 4037 9348, password:546145). *
3. Last but not least, we are delighted to have a new co-chair - Dr.
Brigitte Mathiak. Many of you perhaps have already known Brigitte, she is
team leader at GESIS - Leibniz Institue for the Social Science. She has
been an active member of the group.
We are still keen to have 2 or 3 co-chairs, preferrly co-chairs would have
diversity in world regions, professional stage and gendar etc. If you are
interested in taking up the co-chair role, please feel free to contact us.
Kind regards,
Brigitte, Fotis, Kathleen and Ming
Dr Mingfang Wu
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4646 | E: ***@***.*** | O:0000-0003-1206-3431

Physical address: Monash University, Building T, Ground Floor, 100 Sir John
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