Re: Reminder for the data/metadata granularity TF call (RDA Data Discovery Paradigms IG)

02 May 2019
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Hi All, Apologies for missing the meeting this afternoon. My NCEI
colleague, Heather Brown, and I submitted an abstract for a workshop
session at the ESIP Summer Conference. The focus will be on defining the
different 'facets' of a collection based on different use cases. I hope
that folks on this group can be involved with this session if it's
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    Author: Leyla Garcia

    Date: 03 May, 2019

    Dear all,
    Apologies for missing the meeting. I had it in my calendar fue the third
    Thursday of the month but I now realize that one is a different meeting.
    I'll go through the minutes to check in the discussion. Also, I have
    amended my calendar now.
    Kind regards,

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    Author: Mingfang Wu

    Date: 04 May, 2019

    Dear All,
    My apologies for not able to attend the meeting either.
    Thanks to Fotis for managing the call and taking the notes

    For those who were not at the RDA P13 in Philadelphia, Bob gave an
    excellent presentation of the work from this task force. During discussion,
    we were notified a couple of other RDA groups (e.g Data Foundations and
    Terminology IG, Metadata in context WG) working on term definition.
    SiriJodha pointed me to this latest version of definitions
    from the Data Foundations and
    Terminology IG. The latest version includes "collection" (3 defs) and
    "dataset" (6 defs), but not "granule". We may have a look of these
    definitions - each definition has either examples or explanation, is there
    any definition that fits our purpose here, if not, we may submit our
    definitions and examples of collection, dataset and granular to DFT IG for
    their consideration.
    There are good discussions and comments to the document: Dimensions of
    data/metadata granularity
    I would encourage all to do the same - add your comments, new dimensions
    not be considered yet, current practices and use cases etc. We may not be
    able to address all issues from this task force, but at least we understand
    related issues and context.
    Anna: please let us know what we can help with your workshop session at the
    ESIP Summer Conference.
    Dr Mingfang Wu
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