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12 Oct 2018
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Hi Lewis, all,
I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the two TF calls last week and the interesting discussions during them.
Just as a quick update, I’m currently in the process of compiling and merging all minutes ( into a single document, which I will be sharing with everyone through the TF GitHub repo (
I will also go through the four objectives that we collectively identified and try to come up with a timeline for actions. Fortunately there are several people who have expressed interest in participating in each of these objectives, but unfortunately no volunteers (so far) to lead or co-lead them. In any case, I will be circulating both documents, actions and the suggested timeline to the mailing list and to everyone that participated in the call within the next two weeks. It goes without saying that if there is interest in helping lead any (or all) of these activities please do let me know so that we can hopefully speed up the process.
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Subject: Re: [datadiscovery] RDA DDPIG Task Force on Using for research dataset...
Hi Fotis,
I’m glad I was at the later kick off meeting last week.
Was there a timeline drawn up for task actions?
Thank you
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Subject: [datadiscovery] RDA DDPIG Task Force on Using for research dataset discovery
Dear all,
first of all, our best wishes for a great and productive new academic year!
As you may recall, one of the decisions during the DDPIG session at P11 was to start a new Task Force with a focus on the use of for research dataset discovery - you can find a draft version of the TF proposal here: .
Given the general interest of the community in this topic, as well as the recent announcement of the new dataset search service by Google (, we will be hosting a dedicated call on Thursday, October 4th 2018 in order to get your feedback and potential leads for the TF.
In order to accommodate all time zones we will be holding the same call twice on the day, as follows:
* Call #1 (Europe/Asia/Australia) @ 08:00 UTC
using the link (see the time in your local zone here &iso=20181004T11&p1=1428&ah=1)
* Call #2 (US/Europe) @ 15:00 UTC
using the link (see the time in your local zone here &iso=20181004T18&p1=1428&ah=1)
It is important to note that the all points currently listed in the draft are open to discussion, so please join the call and provide your perspective. If possible, indicate your intention to attend either of these calls using this poll:
Looking forward to discussing the new Task Force with you!
on behalf of the DDPIG chairs
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