Notes: Review Survey, Next meeting for the DDPIG Relevancy Ranking - Thursday 25th May, 7am EDT

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    Author: Mingfang Wu

    Date: 26 May, 2017

    Dear All,
    Sorry I accidentally sent an empty email ...
    This is a very brief notes from yesterday's meeting for the relevancy
    ranking task force.
    We had only three attendees (SiriJodha, Peter and myself). We discussed
    minor issues of presenting and positioning some questions from the online
    SurveyMonkey version .
    We plan to send the survey to a small number of repositories (say 10) to
    test it out and get their feedback, before we send the survey to a large
    number of repositories.
    Meanwhile if you have any feedback to the survey questionnaire, please put
    your comment to the survey question document

    directly or email it to us. Thanks!

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