Minutes and follow up Data Discovery Paradigms IG session at P9

27 Apr 2017
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
Thank you so much for joining us in Barcelona or online for the DDPIG meeting at RDAP9!
We have a set of notes from our meeting online here (thanks to Fotis for the majority of the notes!): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CdSiyYjfjs1MNsS5O9WKNNT_Hp7R_uqaLoDv...
At the meeting, each of the three current Task Forces presented their progress and proposed next steps. Next to that, a new Task Force was started on Metadata Enrichment, chaired by Beth Huffer and Ilya Zaslavsky, which had its first call today.
Follow-up actions defined were (see notes for details):
1. Create a dedicated section/wiki page for related efforts or relevant approaches.
2. Each of the Task Forces will have separate follow-up actions:
* Relevancy ranking: Sending out questionnaire, collect and prioritise collaborative projects; decide on platform for testbed.
* Use cases: Ranking use cases, rewriting document, provide examples of platforms, write final report
* Best practices: (re-) edit document, combine into a white paper, edit & prepare for publication
* Metadata enrichment: start & plan next steps.
Our goal will be to present the semi-final outcomes of the first three task forces at P10 in September, and explore whether we want to keep these topics going or if there are other tasks we’d like to take on.
Any comments or questions regarding the meeting, the Task Forces, or future plans for this IG are most welcome.
With kind regards,
The Interest Group Chairs:
Fotis, Mingfang, SiriJodha and Anita
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