AGU 2018 Call for abstracts: Data Set Discovery, Access and Usability: Leveraging

11 Jul 2018
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Dear Colleagues,
The deadline for abstracts to the AGU Fall Meeting 2018 in Washington, DC, is coming up soon (1 August 2018, 23.59 EDT). I believe this AGU session would be of interest to the members of the Data Discovery Paradigms IG. Growing interest in the use of for data discovery has been shown in work by NSF EarthCube [1], Google Research [2] and others [3]. This session provides an opportunity for community growth and exchange around implementation patterns for describing data repositories and their holding and the methods used to deploy on the web.
We want to encourage you to present your work in the session:
Session ID: 49562
Session Title: IN022. Data Set Discovery, Access and Usability: Leveraging
Section/Focus Group: Earth and Space Science Informatics
The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, 1 August 23:59 EDT.
The goal of this session is to begin work towards extending the Dataset for the needs of our community. has been designed to be extended and we’ve seen this successfully implemented for automobiles, sports, and other domains. The creator of is quoted:
“ Given the variety of structured data underlying the Web, can at best hope to provide the core for the most common topics. Even for a relatively common topic such as automobiles, potentially hundreds of attributes are required to capture the details of a car’s specifications as found on a manufacturer’s website.’s strategy has been to have a small core vocabulary for each such topic and rely on extensions to cover the tail of the specification. ” -- Guha, Evolution of Structured Data on the Web; doi:10.1145/2844544
We look forward to your submission
All the Best,
Adam, Doug, Danie and Rob