Notes: RDA Research Schemas WG (to be endorsed) meeting on this Thursday (11th July)

12 Jul 2019

Dear All,
Thanks very much for those participating in today’s call, below are
summary notes.
The case statement has gone into community review process. Please feel free
to share this link

with your colleagues for them to comment on.
Meanwhile, the group will proceed to the following two activities:
- For the planned output: Collecting and catalogue tools that generate,
validate and parse and DCAT markup, we may start with a
google sheet, think about what need to be documented, meanwhile learn from
other RDA IGs/WGs what tools they are using for cataloguing.
- For the planned output: A generic ‘conceptual data model’ with
essential types and properties for research data discovery over the web, we
will get in touch with people who did the "Survey on current practices
in using schemas to describe research data sets
(the row 7 and 13), look their mappings and also EDMI mapping to in particular, identify minimum or common set of properties.
Relevant activities outside of this group:
- Adam Shepherd (Co-chair of this WG) is going to co-organise a
session "Assessment
and developments in the structured metadata developer tool chain for and associated extensions" at the AGU Fall Meeting (9-13 Dec.
2019, San Francisco). Here is the link
about this
AGU session. Please consider to submit an abstract. This session is highly
relevant to the tooling catalogue as noted above.
- There will be three sessions related to at the 2019 ESIP
Summer Meetings (July 16-19, Tacoma, WA). Here is the link
. The three
sessions are: Approaches to extending for Data APIs,
Advancing spatial and temporal aspects of and Metadata
harvesting through, where work will also be done on the

documentation (including re-branding to

*Life science community has been identifying types, properties, profiles
for discovering datasets of the domain, some types are ready to go to . Dan Brickley advised to push types into early, refine later. Leyla Garcia (co-chair
of this WG) will be invited to talk more about this work and process in a
future meeting. *
Participants agree to cancel the next meeting (scheduled on 8th August). So
our next meeting will be in about 2 months time (12 Sept.). Hopefully we
can get some work done by then.
Dr Mingfang Wu
*Australian Research Data Commons * T: +61 3 9902
4646 | E: ***@***.*** | O:0000-0003-1206-3431

Physical address: Monash University, Building T, Ground Floor, 100 Sir John
Monash Drive, Caulfield East, VIC 3145