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07 Jun 2013

Webconference Data Citation WG

Next Webinars of the WG Data Citation

We are scheduling a series of Webinars presenting the pilots that are implementing the WGDC recommendations, providing an overview of the issues identified, design decisions taken, and demonstrating the implementations achieved.

Current schedule (to be updated with additional presentations):


  • Implementation of the RDA Data Citation Recommendations by Ocean Networks Canada (ONC): Ocean Networks Canada invites attendees to learn about our approach to citing dynamic and heterogeneous datasets. We leverage advances from the research data management community such as Research Data Alliance Data Citation Working Group’s recommendations, the Research Organization Registry (ROR) emergence, ROR integration within the DataCite schema, and revised Earth Sciences Information Partners citation guidelines. Even so, there were conceptual, technical and sustainability barriers to overcome. To allow users to cite the exact dataset subset and version, we refactored our infrastructure and curation processes to handle query details and versioning provenance. Substantial effort went into supporting geospatial extents for fixed-position, mobile and remote-sensing instruments. These improvements are represented in landing pages, web services and documentation.




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