WGDC Meeting at P19 in Seoul

04 Apr 2022
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
We will have a chance to meet again - and with a bit of luck even in
person for those planning on travelling to Seoul! We will have a
break-out session again (precise time slot still to be determined) at
P19, where we will have a chance to catch up on all the developments
that have happened since our last meeting, hear stories about new
developments under way, and possibly also discuss some new ideas of
applying the principles to some maybe unusual settings (such as, e.g.
exploring their usefulness for identifying specific states of on-line
learning systems)
If you have any interesting adoption story to share, or are planning to
embark on one, or have stumbled across interesting questions to be
discussed, etc. please let us know, so that we will be able to prepare
an interesting agenda for the meeting.
And for those of you who haven't seen it yet: if you want to catch up on
pretty much everything that has happened in the long history of this WG,
the paper jointly written by many of the adopters of the recommendations
on dynamic data citation, that has been published in the Hardvard Data
Science Review end of last year, should provide a good summary:
Rauber, A., Gößwein, B., Zwölf, C. M., Schubert, C., Wörister, F.,
Duncan, J., … Parsons, M. A. (2021). Precisely and Persistently
Identifying and Citing Arbitrary Subsets of Dynamic Data. Harvard Data
Science Review, 3(4).
Looking forward to hearing back from you, and seeing you in Seoul!
Best regards,