Slides from RDA WGDC Break-out Meeting at P19

27 Jun 2022
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
Thanks a lot to all of you who joined the break-out session of our
working group t the last plenary. I think the meeting went really well,
and we have a few new exciting opportunities coming up.
I have uploaded the slides from the plenary meeting into our repository.
You can access them at
For your convenience, the slides are also directly attached to this email.
In a nutshell, the agenda comrpised of the following items.
*Introduction, Welcome
* Short description of the WG recommendations
* Q&A on recommendations
* Harvard Data Science Review Paper
* New Ref Implementations:
  - RDF
* New Pilots:
  - DBRepo: Open source database repository system
  - OSSDIP: Secure data visiting platform for sensitive data
* “New" directions:
  - Information Retrieval Systems
  - AI online learning systems
We are planning to host more comprehensive webinars on the new reference
implementations later this year, but for those interested in the
material the "sneak preview" provided at the plenary may already be
useful.Also, the new ideas surrounding the application of the
recommendations to somewhat untypical types of dynamic data may turn out
to be really exciting - if you want to join these discussion, please let
us know. As usual, if you have any questions, know of any adoption
planned or ongoing, or identified any issues with the recommendations,
please let us know as well.
Best regards,

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