RDA WGDC Webinar slides and recording available: Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) - repository of NetCDF files

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30 Jun 2017
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Dear all,
The slides as well as the recording of yesterday's webinar on
Implementing of the RDA Data Citation Recommendations by the Climate
Change Centre Austria (CCCA) for a repository of NetCDF files, presented
by Chris Schubert, Head of the CCCA Data Center, are now available (as
with all other webinars in our adoption series) from our WG Webinar page at
Again, I would like to thank Chris Schubert for the Webinar and the demo
he presented, and I wish everybody in the northern hemisphere a great
summer, a great winter to everyone in the southern half of the world,
and I'm looking forward to welcoming you back to the upcoming webinars
we are currently about to schedule for September onwards.
If you would like to present your implementation of the dynamic data
citation recommendations, please let me know!
Note that we are also planning to have a break-out session at P10 in
Montreal in September with an update on current activities. a detailed
announcement and call for presentations will follow as soon as we have a
rough schedule.
All the best,