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08 May 2015
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Dear all,


The new revision of the recommendations of the Working Group on Data Citation on how to make data citeable have been published in the release of May 8 on the WG file repository as well as in a dedicated wiki page.

The recommendations have first been presented on March 30 2015 and have since undergone several revisions after a series of individual consultations, presentations and workshops with WG pilots. The result of these revisions is now available for further public comment and subject to further revisions.

The present document tries to summarize the key aspects discussed within the WG in a 2-page flyer. This compressed format obviously cannot reflect all the detailed discussions and provide all the reasoning behind the recommendations. also, it does not reflect on individual implementation aspectsa of these recommendations in individual settings. These are part of ongoing evaluations complementing the finalization of the recommendations in a series of WG pilot evaluations as well as new pilots being started.

We invite all stakeholders to contribute their comments on the recommendations to finalize the wording and ensure that all aspects of enabling precise identification of arbitrary subsets of data in potentially highly dynamic environments can be properly addressed to enable subsequent citation and re-use. We will also shortly announce a webinar to present the recommendations and the underlying reasoning in more detail to foster the discussion and set up a series of conference calls to consolidate feedback.

We are looking forward ot receiving your feedback!


Best regards,
Andreas Rauber, Ari Asmi, Dieter van Uytvanck (WG Co-chairs)
Stefan Pröll (Secretary)

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  • Ruth Duerr's picture

    Author: Ruth Duerr

    Date: 21 May, 2015

    Hi Andreas,


    I took a look at the two page summary and think that if looks very good.  The only change I would make is to replace the words "to solve" by the word "solving" in the green recommendation box.



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