RDA WGDC Adoption Meeting at P14 in Helsinki - call for presentations!

15 Sep 2019
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible during our
upcoming break-out meeting at Plenary 14 in Helsinki.
It is scheduled for
Wed, October 23, 16:30, during Break-Out Session 3
In order to put together the ** program ** for this meeting, please let
us know if you would like to
- make a short presentation on any planned / on-going / finished
implementation of the recommendation.
- if you have any specific questions that should be discussed,
issues you identified with the current recommendations,
specific challenges that you find in implementing them, etc.
Please let us know and we'll try my best to accomodate it in the schedule!
For those who are new to the WGDC meetings you may want to revisit the
two core documents of our WG:
- The WGDC Recommendations in the short form of a 2-page flyer::
- An extended Description of Recommendations is available at:
Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries,
12:1, 2016.
- Webinar recordings as well as slide sets and supporting papers by
adopters presenting their experience in implementing the
recommendations are collected at the RDA WGDC webinar page at
See you soon in Helsinki!!
Andi, Mark