Next RDA WGDC Adoption Webinar: Thu., 18.5., 17:00 CEST: Stefan Pröll: Long-Tail Research Data / CSV

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03 May 2017
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Dear all,
We are happy to announce the next Webinar on implementations of the
recommendations of the RDA Working Group on Data Citation (RDA WGDC).
Title: Implementing the RDA Data Citation Recommendations for Long-Tail
Research Data / CSV files
Presenter: Stefan Pröll
Time: Thu., 18. 5. 2017, 17:00 CEST, which is
08:00 San Francisco
11:00 Washington, DC
16:00 London
17:00 Amsterdam
23:00 Beijing
00:00 Tokyo
01:00+1 Sydney
03:00+1 Auckland
Supporting paper is available at:
(iPRES 2016)
Registration: will soon be available at:
The WGDC Web conference page also contains recordings and links to
supporting material for all preceeding webinars in this series,
* Implementing the RDA Data Citation Recommendations in the
Distributed Infrastructure of the Virtual and Atomic Molecular
Data Center (VAMDC)
Presenter: Carlo Maria Zwölf, VAMDC, Observatoire de Paris, France
* Implementation of Dynamic Data Citation at the Vermont
Monitoring Cooperative
Presenter: James Duncan, VMC, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
* Adoption of the RDA Data Citation of Evolving Data Recommendation to
Electronic Health Records
Presenter: Leslie McIntosh, PHD, MPH, Director Center for
Biomedical Informatics, Washington University in
* Enabeling Precise Identification and Citeability of Dynamic Data:
Recommendations of the RDA Working Group on Data Citation (WGDC)
Presenter: Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology
Looking forward to talking to many of you during the upcomming webinar.
best regards,
Andreas Rauber
Andreas Rauber
Dept. of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
Vienna Univ. of Technology | Tel: (+43) 1 58801 18826
Favoritenstr. 9 - 11 / 188 | Fax: (+43) 1 58801 18899
A - 1040 Wien | e-mail: ***@***.***