Extended Report and Preparing for P7

09 Feb 2016
Groups audience: 

Dear all,


Just some news to get ready for P7 in Tokyo:

(1)  Extended report

We have just uploaded a report containing a more extensive description of the recommendations to provide a bit more back-ground information beyond the 2-page flyer. This report is available in the file repository at:


The 2-page flyer is available (unchanged version of Oct. 20 2015) at:



(2) Webinar:

We will have a webinar presenting the recommendations on March 15, 14:00 CET. Details / registration is available at



(3) Plenary 7, Tokyo

We will have a break-out session during P7 in Tokyo, scheduled for Wed, Mar 2, 11:00 - 12:30.

Details are avilable at:


P7 Program Overview:


The focus of our break-out meeting will be on lessons learned and support for take-up: if you want to show some pilots, discuss specific implementations issues or challenges you encountered with the recommendations in your setting, or have specific requirements and suggestions of how we could best organize support for take-up, please let us know, either here in the discussion forum or via email.