Data Streams: The Research Data Alliance Podcast

01 Apr 2022
Groups audience: 

Dear RDA members,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast titled, Data Streams.  Produced by the RDA-US office, episodes will highlight conversations among members in the RDA community about challenges they face as researchers and data experts in managing the massive quantities of research data and how together, they are finding solutions and proving the value of open research data sharing and reuse.  

Even more exciting is that our first episode within Data Streams is now available, and features the co-chairs of your group!   In this episode titled  “A Working Group’s Journey, The RDA Data Citation Working Group”, RDA co-chairs Mark Parsons and Andreas Rauber discuss their experience in leading your Working Group, advise others who collaborate with international teams in implementing research projects, and educate listeners on the Recommendations they produced through their work. 

Take some time to listen to and share with others in your network.  Below are some links that you can share in your social media accounts:

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On behalf of all of RDA, thank you again for your incredible work and thank you Mark and Andreas for agreeing to be our first podcast subjects!

Listen here and subscribe to future episodes.

All the best,

Yolanda, on behalf of RDA-US and the RDA Secretariat