P13 Blockchain Applications in Health WG

08 Apr 2019

Dear all
P13 was great and our Working Group session very interesting and productive, thanks to all those who came and contributed to the discussion!
You can now find the presentation by Mirko de Maldé, describing the content of our first report on the "State of the Art" of blockchain applications in health, in the file repository on the Working group's page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/blockchain-applications-health-wg.
We'll be glad to get feedbacks and/or suggestion on missing topics or use cases to consider or any other information/issue you may think of, in order to finalize this first report.
Following the discussion we had in our session in Philadelphia, we're also considering to reach as final output of the Bc-App-Health WG some kind of "decision tree" and/or strategic framework which may help single users/organizations to understand if adopting blockchain could represent the best solution for their specific use cases: please, have a look at the final slides of the presentation to have an hint on this issue and start thinking about it, anyway a template will be circulated within shortly, so that we'll discuss it further and hopefully test it with your help in the forthcoming months and activities of the Blockchain-App-Health WG!
Looking forward to your contributions,
Best regards
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