BioSharing Force11/RDA WG case statement - review from TAB, next steps

12 May 2015

/(apologies for cross-posting) /
Dear Force11/RDA BioSharing WG members,
The co-chairs have just received *feedback from TAB *on the submitted
case statement: we need to address few questions on engagement,
development, and scope of the registry effort.
The co-chairs will do this - as it should be straight forward - and
re-submit; hopefully we can be approved before the next RDA Plenary.
Some of you already know that in a month a second Knowledge Engineer
joins the Operation Team to work full time on BioSharing content; the
work will progress faster also as BioSharing is integrated into (funded)
NIH BD2K and ELIXIR activities.
Lastly, please, keep spreading the voice of the *survey* (see email below).
Kind regards,
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