BioSharing vs FAIRsharing name for the RDA WG - updates to the members

21 Mar 2018

Dear RDA WG members,
A due clarification, as some of you may be confused from this unusual exchange. The discussion has to do with a known pending issue: aligning the name of this WG (BioSharing) with its recommendations and registry, which based on community request has been renamed (to FAIRsharing) to reflect its scope.
I have now had the chance to discuss it with Paul (by email) and in person with Andrew Treolar, TAB chair and here in cc.
News are good, as I understand them, but Andrew has kindly agreed to send a note to the chairs (to help us in the next steps: renaming process and submission of our outputs) and to sent a clarification note to these list (once he registers to this WG list, otherwise his email will bounce back)
More soon and regards to all,
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