Next steps for BDI IG and online meeting

14 Jun 2017

Dear members of the Biodiversity Data Integration IG,


Disciplinary groups play a pivotal role in the RDA ecosystem. Not only they provide a mechanism for engaging with the outputs of the RDA community, they are instrumnetal in providing input to the cross-cutting technical and socio-cultural groups.

The number disciplinary groups has significantly increased over the last few years, from a handful (the biodiversity community was there from the start) to around 20 Interest Groups.


The BDI IG has focused its work over the last few plenaries in the development and collaboration of large regional e-infrastructures on digitisation and mobilisation of biodiversity data from natural science collections. For instance, at Plenary 8 (Denver, Colorado) we discussed the technical challenges in developing a Global Research infrastructure for natural science (history) collections.

The BDI IG has also initiated a new Working Group (WG) to specifically work on addressing the lack of standardised attribution mechanisms for capturing and exchanging curatorial actions on physical (and digital) objects.


As we approach the deadline for submission of proposals for breakout sessions at the forthcoming RDA plenary (P10) in Montreal Canada in September, I am inviting you to give me your feedback on topics you would like to see discussed.

Please note that the RDA plenary is a week before the TDWG meeting in Ottawa. So many of you might be willing to attend both meetings.  (


To expedite this process I would like to invite you to participate in a preparatory online meeting on Wednesday 21 June at 12.00 CEST


One item we will discuss is rotation of the group chairs. Please do try to attend and send me your feedback prior to that meeting.


Kind regards,