ADA:WG report available for public comment

17 Apr 2018

Dear all,
let me announce the Array Database report, available for public comment at
Notably, some careful readers have already spotted errata, these are being
collected and fixed in one go afterwards. Kindly let us know if you spot typos
or other kinds of errors, in order to achieve the highest possible quality.
happy reading,
PS: Being caught in other tasks I had mistakenly assumed that RDA would do that
announcement, therefore it comes late.
Dr. Peter Baumann
- Professor of Computer Science, Jacobs University Bremen
mail: ***@***.***
tel: +49-421-200-3178, fax: +49-421-200-493178
- Executive Director, rasdaman GmbH Bremen (HRB 26793), mail: ***@***.***
tel: 0800-rasdaman, fax: 0800-rasdafax, mobile: +49-173-5837882
"Si forte in alienas manus oberraverit hec peregrina epistola incertis ventis dimissa, sed Deo commendata, precamur ut ei reddatur cui soli destinata, nec preripiat quisquam non sibi parata." (mail disclaimer, AD 1083)

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