Publicly Accessible Array Services

Below, publicly accessible services (in RDA terminology: adopters) are listed which use an Array Database (or some other array-centric technology).

  • (rasdaman): a set of 1-D through 5-D data sets with sample geo use cases. Purpose of this site is to demonstrate use of the OGC Big Geo Data standards. As such, the data sets are small, focus instead is on the breadth of functionality and clients.
  • Earth Observation Data Service (rasdaman): this service, hosted at the European Space Agency (ESA) and maintained by MEEO, currently is offering 600+ TB (1+ PB expected well within 2017) of Atmosphere, Land and Ocean EO products coming from the Sentinel family. A private cloud infrastructure is being set up to implement advanced access processing services on Big Data. The adoption of such methodology and approach is being promoted within the Earth Observation community.

  • Marine Science Data Service (rasdaman): this service, offered by Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML, UK) provides access and processing on satellite imagery for ocean colour analysis. Current offering is about 70 TB.
  • PlanetServer (rasdaman): Planetary Data Service, hosted by Jacobs University, is offering geology data currently for Mars, Moon, and Vesta. Total data size is about 20 TB.

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