Array Database assessment Working Group meeting at Plenary 8

This page documents the inaugural meeting of the Array Database assessment Working Group at Plenary 8 in Denver, USA, 2016-09-16.


In order to maximise focus in getting hands-on, just two introductory presetnations were given by the chairs, then leading into a discussion on how to proceed concretely.


  • Q: what is the focus of this WG?
    A: Focus is strictly on arrays (grids, rasters) to be able to achieve meaningful results
  • Q: Are only array databases in focus?
    A: Anything that offers a flexible query interface is of interest, and could be called a "database system" in the widest sense. However, further array-related technology should be inspected as well to obtain comparisons (e.g., MapReduce-based systems like SciHadoop, GeoTrellis, MrGeo) - but this depends on the contributions; in other words: come and champion your favourite tool!
  • Q: what is a realistically large deployment?
    A: anything larger than server RAM qualifies (otherwise, you just load data into RAM without any need for a database system); as a rule of thumb, going beyond 10 TB should be fine.
  • Q: what kind of contributions do you seek?
    A: three types of contributors are needed in order to have comprehensive expertise on board:
    • use case providers: they bring in data and challenges (aka queries)
    • service providers: they provide storage and compute space for setting up realistically large deployments of systems
    • technology (software) providers: they provide their tools for installation and operation, as well as support.
  • In an elicitation of the interests of those present the following was articulated:
    • ETL: 2
    • SQL/MDA: 4
    • formats (HDF, ...): 5
    • query power (Fourier Transform etc.): 3
    • OPeNDAP: 2
    • model-to-model communication via database: 2


The following concrete initial groups shaped:

  • use case providers:
    • Mohan: Earth science
    • Schaaff: Space science
  • data center: none
  • software providers:
    • Peter Baumann: rasdaman
    • Ted Habermann: HDF
    • Mohan: HDF, OPeNDAP
    • Doug Lindholm: tbd

Action items

  • chairs: convene group, grow it from membership via email - until beginning of Oct
  • data center group: establish infrastructure for installation - tbd
  • software providers: stand up installations, provide tutorials - once installation points are defined






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