Array Database Assessment Working Group

"The speed at which any given scientific discipline advances will depend on how researchers collaborate with one another, and with technologists, in areas of eScience such as databases..." -- The Fourth Paradigm


Over the lifetime of the ADA:WG, the Array Database Assessment report has been compiled and published. The stated goal of the WG has been achieved by publishing its report, and subsequently (and as per plan) the WG is dissolved now. On any question, feel free to contact the chair, Peter Baumann.

To ensure openness, transparency, and collaborative editing, all information has been collected in the wiki pages below. In a last step, the wiki pages have been copied into the final PDF report, hence the wiki pages below are obsoleted and remain only for historical reasons.

Workbench Zone (Obsoleted)

Caveat: the wiki pages below are old workspace; contents is not maintained and not up to date. Consider the final report instead.

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