Transforming the landscaping doc to an article for peer-review

19 Jan 2018
Groups audience: 

We had a informative call today regarding transforming the landscaping
document into something suitable for submission for peer-review.
Running notes will be here:
We tentatively decided to have meetings every fortnight during the same
time slot. As such, the next meeting is (tentavily) scheduled for Feb.
2nd @ 1100 CET.
However, if there are potential collaborators unable to attend meetings
at this time, please respond to this message and we'll set up a doodle
poll to pinpoint something more suitable.
If there are any questions please do let us know.
Thanks and have a great weekend,

  • catherine roussey's picture

    Author: catherine roussey

    Date: 19 Jan, 2018

    on friday I will have to leave at 11H45. I hope it is ok.
    Next time when you send the link for the call could you repeat the time
    schedule. I was thinking that the meeting was at 17H00. Sorry for that
    Best Regards

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