TR: 39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition paper

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12 Sep 2019
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Dear all,
I am forwarding you this email exchange with Evan Wallace from NIST, USA.
He shows a great interest in our group work and especially the recommendations. Wallace also provides some advice regarding the dissemination process to the application developers community. See below
Now that the recommendations have passed the community review process, we kindly invite you to consider:
- identifying adopters of the recommendations (including you and your organization)
- ways to make the recommendations known to the targeted communities (developers, semantic experts, data managers and producers & funders)
As an example, the recommendations were presented in a poster at P13, also at the “Conférence Ingénierie des Connaissances (IC)” in July (thanks Catherine!) and I’m going to give a short talk at the RDA France plenary meeting tomorrow (+ poster). You can find the pdf of the poster in the group folder once logged in.
Please keep the group informed of your communication actions
All the best,
Sophie for the chairs
De : Wallace, Evan K. (Fed) [mailto:***@***.***]
Envoyé : mercredi 17 juillet 2019 19:26
À : Sophie Aubin <***@***.***>
Cc : Caracciolo, Caterina (OPCC) <***@***.***>; Brandon Whitehead <***@***.***>
Objet : Re: 39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition paper
Thanks for the link. I starting reading through the recommendations, and they really resonate with my recent experiences in exploring the use of semantic technologies for agriculture and food production (and past experiences in other domains). In fact, a number of these recommendations apply across many domains that could exploit semantic resources. I was trying to push the folks in the US Semantic Technology Symposium (us2ts) to develop just such a list to communicate needs/requirements for sem tech to the W3C and tool developer communities (to address the obvious gaps in sem tech tool chains that are preventing the technology from living up to its high potential). Does the RDA community have the ears of semantic technology tool developers? Perhaps it is a better place to effect such change. Have you folks considered presenting the generic recommendations from this list to other venues such ISWC or regional counterparts such as ESWC and us2ts? I definitely encourage you to present the entire list at the next us2ts, though you may have more impact on tool developers at other conferences.
I wasn’t planning to attend RDA plenary 14. My target for data interoperability in agriculture is commercial operations (growing, processing, transporting, etc.) rather than the communities doing scientific research that ultimately benefits those operators/operations. The Philadelphia meeting was relatively close and short, so I thought it a good opportunity to learn more about what is going on with respect to sem resources for ag and food. It looks like it will take a fair amount of more investigation on my part to understand which of the ontologies in the AgroPortal, for instance, are applicable to ag/food operations data. For example, PO2 looked like it might describe processes and observations generally, but actually seems to be focused on SamplingProcesses and (Testing)ObservationProcesses, though the terminology they have chosen isn’t qualified in a way that would indicate this. So, I am not sure how much to engage in the RDA ag related efforts. On the one hand, we clearly have shared interest in improving the state of tools for using semantic resources, on the other, I am not still clear on how much overlap there is in the kinds of semantic resources that would be beneficial for both researchers and operators (though there should be some!).
From: Sophie Aubin <***@***.***>
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 5:40 AM
To: "Wallace, Evan K. (Fed)" <***@***.***>
Cc: "Caracciolo, Caterina (OPCC)" <***@***.***>, Brandon Whitehead <***@***.***>
Subject: RE: 39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition paper
Nice to hear from you Evan. CCed Caterina and Brandon, co-chairs of Agrisemantics.
The recommendations are just entering the review process by the RDA community. You will find a summary and the full text in a pdf here
We also invite you to comment them using the template on this page.
If you intend to attend the P14 in Helsinki, note that we applied for a joint session dedicated to the adoption of RDA recommendations by the agri-food community. You are more than welcome!
All the best,
De : Wallace, Evan K. (Fed) [mailto:***@***.***]
Envoyé : mardi 16 juillet 2019 20:25
À : Sophie Aubin <***@***.***>
Objet : 39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition paper
I attended the IGAD and AgriSemantics meetings in Philadelphia as I am interested in the use of semantic technology for agricultural and food data interoperability. Thanks for running the Agrisemantics meeting there. Is there any chance of getting a peek at the 3rd output of the AgriSemantics WG: 39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition: Recommendations from the RDA Agrisemantics Working Group?
Evan K Wallace
Process Engineering Group
Systems Integration Division
Engineering Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology