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02 Sep 2016
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Dear Sophie: great design!
I do not know if my contributions will meet your expectations but I send them for general discussion. The most important, to me, is to add the concepts of "data sets" or "data repository" because is there where ultimately semantic technologies will be applied aiming interoperability. I tried to design this in the following figures. The exercise was very routing and, therefore, endless! So I decided to send my first and immediate insights. I separated into two figures not to overload the design and hinder understandings.
I used:
* “USE” to suggest another label to the topic;
* “SIN” to suggest synonyms;
* “RT” to suggest generic relationship between topics.
I´m sure you already know the “knowledges Models” from Agropedia Indica… Just to remember there is a model for “rice”:
At Embrapa we have something like that, but unfortunately the content is available in Portuguese only. This is a website where knowledge on various topics (including rice, see below) were worked in hypertext format and each page corresponds to a node in the hyperbolic view also available. Please be interested see:
Congratulations for the initiative and success!
If you need some additional clarification please feel free to call me on Skype or GTalk (***@***.***)
Ivo Pierozzi Junior
Organização do Conhecimento & Terminologia Agropecuária
Knowledge Organization & Agricultural Terminology
Embrapa Informática Agropecuária, Campinas, SP, Brazil
Embrapa Agricultural Informatics
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Assunto: [SPAM] [rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] Help needed to design a poster on semantics for agriculture data - rice example
Dear Rice Data Interoperability WG members, Dear Agrisemantics WG members,
I am requesting your help on the design of a poster to communicate on the benefits of semantics for agricultural data use.
The first occasion to present this poster is the GODAN Summit in NY on Sept 15th and 16th (so very short deadline), where we have the opportunity to showcase AgroPortal, AgroLD and some other semantic-based applications to policy makers, funders, companies, researchers, etc.
most of whom not aware of semantics at all (but interested with data).
This is why we would really like to count on this poster.
The poster will then be available for use by both Working Groups to introduce semantics, including to non specialists.
I sketched the poster manually (see attached) and am currently looking for a design agency to make it nice and attractive. (I you have a solution to make it for free, please tell)
How can you help?
- give feedback on general aspect
- suggest punchlines and sharper terms for the notions addressed
- suggest more pertinent properties for rice
- suggest different names of a same property in different contexts
- propose text for the bottom part
- identify missing important information
All contributions welcome!
Kind regards,
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