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07 Sep 2016
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Hi Sophie,
This looks very nice. Here my first comments, in bullets:
1. In Information Manager, the point of multilinguality could be more explicit, and have terms in other languages than EN, nicely also in a different script. With rice that would seem rather appropriate :)
2. The Biologist is not linked. An easy way would be to link "Taxonomy" in that box to "scientific name" in the Information Manager box.
3. What about emphasizing the differences in scales that appear in the Biologist box. For example grouping together on one side the micro- and on the other the macro?
4. One the units of measure could be non-metric, just to look at another source of difference.
5. Another important source of difference that semantics should aim at solving is the type related to using different methods for measuring the same "entity" - like measuring soil pH in different solutions. Maybe the "Fertilizer" (Farmer box) could be used as a start? I leave it to the rice guys to come up with a good example for this, if they like it.
Btw a link between "Fertilizer" and "growing environment" would make a nice link between different scales.
6. Maybe two different pictures for the Breeder and the Farmer?
Caterina Caracciolo, PhD
OPCC - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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Subject: [rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] Feedback needed on a poster on semantics for agriculture data - rice
Dear all,
Please find attached the 1st version of the poster I've just received.
Many thanks to all of you who already helped me. It is not finished yet!
If you feel like doing some comments, please do by tomorrow 14:00 CEST.
The text in white labels needs to be revised. I join a new proposal.
What do you think about it? Are the items representative enough of each point of view?
Kind regards,
Sophie Aubin
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