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22 Mar 2017
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
Following our last meeting on March, 10th:
- The outline of section 2 of the deliverable (Uses of semantics for agricultural data) was remastered. You can still propose minor changes but please don't make complete reorganization of the section. See
- The reorganization of section 4 (Existing semantic structures in the agricultural domain) will be discussed next week (Valeria/Caterina)
- You are invited to take the lead of any section or subsection and lead the writing of that section. Please keep in mind that sections that don't have a corresponding responsible author will probably need to be removed.
- Do not forget to add your name to the WG event doc for the sessions you intend to participate to in Barcelona : We are currently working at organizing the sessions so this would help a lot!
Remember that next call is tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm CET:
Kind regards,
Sophie for the chairs