minutes from call Mar 23

27 Mar 2017
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
The minutes from our last call, Thu 23 are online, see:
During the past call, we started a mapping between individual (sub)sections of the document and people. Pls check the minutes to make sure that your name is associated to the right (sub)section.
Note that there are also a few orphan sections, marked with a red “????*”. Sections without authors WILL HAVE TO BE DROPPED. So, please volunteer! :) --- Or suggest changes as you deem appropriate. During the meetings in Barcelona we will revise and discuss the current state of the document.
In preparation of our meetings @IGAD and RDA in Barcelona, we have started preparing some slides. Everything is collected in a dedicated folder on the gdrive:
See you soon in Barcelona! Meanwhile, kind regards,
Caterina, Sophie, Panos
Caterina Caracciolo, PhD
ESS - FAO of the UN
skype: catecara