Feedback wanted on a FAIRsFAIR report re (semantic) interoperability

15 Apr 2020
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Dear all,
I hope my email finds you well.
This is just a reminder that feedback is requested by FAIRsFAIR on the following reports which deals much with semantic interoperability. Deadline is in 2 days from now.
This report will feed the works on EOSC interoperability layer so it is particularly important that the requirements and recommendations of our community are reflected.
Take care,
Feedback Invited: FAIRsFAIR Requirements for Persistence and Interoperability and Preliminary Policy Recommendations
We invite you to comment on two recent deliverables released by FAIRsFAIR for which a Request for Comments is open:
D2.1 Report on FAIR requirements for persistence and interoperability 2019
The findings from the FAIRsFAIR investigation into persistent identifier usage and semantic interoperability across data infrastructures Europe-wide reveal a multiplicity of technical solutions and wide variation both within and between scientific domains.
Read the report and offer your feedback before 17 April
D3.3 Policy Enhancement Recommendations
FAIRsFAIR has tabled preliminary data policy recommendations formulated on the basis of an analysis of the European data policy landscape.
Read the report and offer your feedback
Click here to browse the full list of FAIRsFAIR deliverables available for comment.