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08 Nov 2017
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Dear all,
Some Brazilian colleagues and I intend to start a R&D network, according to the attached documentation. The first step in this itinerary is to bring together other worldwide interested researchers and to explore ways of financing such an initiative.
Then, I am sending you an invitation and complementary information to all the colleagues of Agrisemantics WG but, specifically at this moment, to the European ones, aiming answer as soon as possible to the INCOBRA call (see links on annexed documentation).
I am sure you will find creative ways to bring us relevant agrisemantic and interoperabilty inputs!
For further details and clarifications please feel free to contact me.
We hope , who knows, in the near future, send you another invitation to come visit us face to face in Brazil.
Thanks a lot. Best regards,
Ivo Pierozzi Junior
Organização do Conhecimento & Terminologia Agropecuária
Knowledge Organization & Agricultural Terminology
Embrapa Informática Agropecuária, Campinas, SP, Brazil
Embrapa Agricultural Informatics
***@***.*** / Tel.: +55 19 32115867 / Skype: ivo.pierozzi.jr
www.embrapa.br | fb.com/embrapa | twitter.com/embrapa
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