Best wishes

21 Dec 2018
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Dear all,
Our best wishes for this end of year holidays, and for a peaceful and prosperous 2019!
And a quick update on the group activities:
We are going to submit a proposal for an Agrisemantics session @RDA P13. The goal is to discuss the group's output, and ideas for future activities, either within RDA or outside it - or both. We hope to see many of you at the Plenary!
The "recommendations", final output of the group, are moving on. Here's the current version:
As usual, your comments and suggestions are warmly welcome (in-line, in suggestion mode, or as comments). The document will be closed and uploaded to the Agrisemantics page @RDA as soon as possible in January.
We will organize a group call early next year - stay tuned!
All the best, and looking forward to talking to many of you soon,
Caterina for the chairs
Caterina Caracciolo, PhD
FAO, Statistics Division
Skype: catecara
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Cc: Brandon Whitehead <***@***.***>; Caracciolo, Caterina (ESS) <***@***.***>; Panagiotis Zervas
Subject: Deliverable 2: Uses and Needs of Semantic Resources in the Area of Agriculture
Dear all,
We are happy to announce the release of the last piece of the seconde deliverable : Report on < Uses and Needs of Semantic Resources in the Area of Agriculture >. You will find the report in the folder named < Deliverable 2: Use Cases and Requirements > of the RDA Agrisemantics web page : It goes with the Collection of Use Cases and the Mind Map.
We warmly thank all the contributors to this work. Of course, feel free to reuse and share with your contacts.
The recommendations will follow shortly. You can access the advanced draft here :
Also don't forget to tell Karna if you intend to attend the next RDA plenary in Philadelphia.
Kind regards,
Sophie Aubin, for the co-chairs of the Agrisemantics WG