Agricultural Data Interoperability IG - first meeting

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07 Jun 2013

Agricultural Data Interoperability IG - first meeting


  1. Discussion of the charter for the wheat data interoperability group
  2. Mobilizing of participation for the Agricultural Data Interest Group
  3. Second Planary meeting in Washington in September

Participants: Odile, Esther, Devika,Vassilis, Michael, Johannes


Communication was difficult because of network problems.  The participants agreed that the existing draft for the working group charter prepared by Esther is an excellent basis.  The discussion should still remain open for a week or so to get feedback from more stakeholders, especially CIMMYT.

It was agreed that the working group should be chaired by Esther and someone from CIMMYT.  Johannes is in duty to establish the contact with CIMMYT within this week.

A further online conference should take place next week.