RDA/IGAD Webinar Series: “Developing Best Practice Principles for Agricultural Data Management” Webinar set for May 20

12 May 2020

As part of the Research Data Alliance's (RDA)/ Agricultural Data Interest Group's (IGAD) ongoing webinar series, aimed to keep up with cutting edge developments in agricultural data, and encourage the free flow of ideas, the next webinar is set to take place on Wednesday, May 20 at 10 a.m. CEST


The webinar will focus on “Developing Best Practice Principles for Agricultural Data Management,” and will feature Leanne Wiseman, Professor in Intellectual Property Law at Griffith University.


Interested participants can register here


Webinar background:

Agricultural data must be managed like any other asset. This requires strategy and best management practice. Importantly there needs to be a clear direction and sense of what needs to be achieved through the collection, use and sharing of agricultural data. The aim of an Agricultural Data Strategy is to guide the creation of an enabling environment where farmers and agricultural industries are able to produce and share high quality data outputs.  Importantly, too, an agricultural data strategy will bring more than just economic benefits to the agricultural sector, a digital and data strategy will also bring improved environmental outcomes including land management and water use. The benefits will also extend beyond the farm, with some of the biggest gains in value likely to be generated along the supply chain, from the farm to consumer. In addition to developing an agricultural Data Strategy, creating an enabling environment to facilitate agricultural innovations will help manage data as an asset and ensure best practice for Agricultural Data. Establishing agricultural data rules is a crucial first step in ensuring  best practice in the collection, use and sharing of agricultural data while ensuring farmers’ legal, ethical and security concerns are addressed.


Presenters bio:

Leanne Wiseman is a Professor in Intellectual Property Law at Griffith University, Brisbane Australia and is Associate Director of Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture (ACIPA). Leanne's  research expertise focuses on the intersection between law and new technologies, with particular attention to the intersection of law with big data, digital technologies and agriculture. She has most recently focused on the legal dimensions of the digitisation of agriculture and has explored the legal consequences of the adoption and uptake of digital technologies in agricultural industries in national and international contexts. Leanne was the lead Legal researcher on a large Australian Commonwealth Government funded research grant: Accelerating Precision Agriculture to Decision Agriculture, 2016-2018. The collaborative project's aim was to design a solution for the use of big data in agriculture, while increasing the profitability of producers, providing clarity about data ownership and access rights, and improving digital strategies and governance within Australian agriculture. This was followed by a second funded research project : Growing A Digital Future (Agricultural data rules: Best Management Practice),  which aimed to establish an Agricultural Data Governance Framework and Action Plan for Australian Agriculture, clarifying responsibilities and creating trust among producers, farmers and their partners in their agricultural supply chains.