Publication and alignment of authoritative vocabularies for food - Working Group?

14 May 2018

Is anyone here involved in this GODAN project?
Looks like it began Nov 2017 so probably too early to see any
recommendations/publications but I was wondering if there were any public
mailing lists/repos perhaps?
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Data Science Technologist
Centre for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame

  • Elizabeth Leake's picture

    Author: Elizabeth Leake

    Date: 14 May, 2018

    GODAN was originally announced in 2013. See:
    Perhaps someone from CGIAR Big Data Platform is on this list; they might
    know more.
    The Secretariat is
    GODAN Secretariat
    c/o CABI Head Office
    Nosworthy Way, Wallingford,
    Oxfordshire OX10 8DE, UK

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