Fwd: eROSA vision paper

29 Jan 2018

Dear Colleagues
some of you know about the eROSA project, others might have heard about
it. All background information is at http://erosa.aginfra.eu.
At the moment the project team has started the work on the "roadmaps for
eInfrastructures". Basis for this work is a vision paper that should guide
the technical roadmaps.
We have circulated this vision paper broadly with a call for comments
(GODAN website, AIMS website , mailinglists), Nevertheless some of you
might not have gotten it,
You can access the vision paper online (https://docs.google.com/docum
ent/d/1nnHl_h1nzSBqfiw9fFE2XVVt8S-LFrtwunM2b5TNEcE/edit) and comment
directly here. you can comment in the attached Document and send it back to
All feedback is highly appreciated.
johannes keizer
for the eROSA project team
johannes keizer
ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/8487203146
Phone: +39366 5010443 <366%20501%200443>

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