Agricultural Data & Information Technologies: SciDataCon opportunity

21 May 2018

Hello all,

Hopefully relevant and useful for IGAD members and colleagues, I'd like to
warmly invite participation in a New and Emerging Technologies in
Agriculture session at SciDataCon - during International Data Week
alongside RDA P12. We are seeking contributions *from those engaged in
research or projects using agricultural data and information technologies
(e.g. ICTs, semantic technologies, FIMS, drones, etc.) to collect, link,
and distribute agricultural data and information.*Session summary below.
Please share with colleagues, and if interested, submit an abstract
*- due May 31st.*

I'm happy to answer any questions, and look
*forward to participating more with this community during RDA P12 and IDW!*

all the best,
Lindsay Barbieri

*SciDataCon Session #215, New and Emerging Technologies in Agriculture: *
*(summary description) This session seeks contributions from those engaged
in new and emerging data and information technologies within agricultural
systems. These technologies (e.g. unmanned aircraft systems, ICTs, semantic
technologies) are increasingly being used in agriculture to collect, link,
and distribute data and information relevant for decision making. We
welcome abstracts on technology use or development from a variety of
perspectives (e.g. scale, sector), with the aim to showcase the
capabilities of these technologies, and comprehensively consider their role
in producing and sharing useful information in agricultural systems in
three ways: (1) Sharing knowledge, opportunities, and research on
technology use. (2) Sharing lessons and considerations regarding the
challenges of technology use. (3) Connecting this work to broader
agricultural data and information discussions and initiatives. *

Lindsay Barbieri
PhD Student, Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources
Gund Institute for Environment | University of Vermont
617 Main Street Burlington, Vermont 05405 USA
* *