13 Nov 2017

Dear all,
IGAD has been invited to report about the last developments at the OGC Agriculture DWG meeting in December. On behalf of IGAD, Patricia, co-chair, will participate with a presentation (30min) remotely. Could we kindly ask to all the WG chairs to submit a couple of slides with a summary of the last developments of your WGs during the next weeks? In case that any of you would like to have a more proactive participation, please let us know.
Imma Subirats
On behalf of IGAD/RDA chairs
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Subject: OGC and RDA
Hi Imma,
Following up on the Agricultural Data Summit, OGC will have another session on challenges of agricultural data standards and collaboration at its December meeting in Palmerston North, NZ. I know that a lot has been going on in this space at RDA the last year, both with IGAD generally, and with several new sub-groups such as the On-farm Data Sharing group and wonder if you could catch us up by presenting to our Ag Working Group. The session will be on Wednesday evening, 6 December Central European Time and we will provide Go To Meeting access for remote participants. Our hope is to grapple a bit more in this session with organizing coordination between organizations to help move consensus ag data standards activities forward. One example would be a SoilML but there are a number of others, including for example, standards for exchange of rigorous metadata for agricultural imagery across different sensor platforms from satellites to drones to tractors and irrigators.
If you would be able to participate in our session, please send me a short title for our agenda and I’ll provide detailed connection information closer to the event. I’ll be happy to include you near the beginning of our agenda so that the hour isn’t too late for you. Of course you are welcome to attend in person. There is even an all day event on the Friday on agricultural data interoperability. Your presence virtually would be more than enough, however.
Best Regards,
Josh Lieberman
Chair, OGC Agriculture DWG
Principal, Tumbling Walls
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