The Interest Group on Agricultural Data’s transition to “Improving Global Agricultural Data” Community of Practice has been approved by the RDA Council

28 Oct 2021

The RDA Council recently approved the transition of the Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) to the “Improving Global Agricultural Data” Community of Practice (CoP). The new CoP will create a space which will allow members to collaborate on a global scale on related areas of interest. 

Many will benefit from the new CoP including agricultural data practitioners and the organizations they work for, due to better alignment with global practice, opportunities to form partnerships on specific projects, better ability to impact stakeholders via improved data systems and practices, and mutual learning from exchanging experiences.

One of the main priorities of the new CoP is to create a robust network of non-RDA CoPs by utilizing its inclusive strategies to attract new members, particularly researchers and stakeholders from low and medium-income countries. The establishment of a larger network will help to enhance the outreach of RDA deliverables. 

Know more about the new CoP at the RDA’18 Plenary Session dedicated to IGAD