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14 Feb 2019

Thanks Suchith,
It will be nice. We are now preparing final docment. As I hear you met Bente and spoke about this. Pleas you can edit document, we can mentioned there GODAN, RDA, al lis now possible
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Subject: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][agriculturecapacitydev] Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][agriculturecapacitydev] IGAD capacity building and harmonisation
Hi Karel,
Thank you for this information and excellent updates .I can promote the remote hackathon/ideatlon for Africa through the GODAN networks and community. This is excellent synergies for the IGAD Capacity Development WG .
Best wishes,
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Dear all,
I have appologise, but from time reason, I am not able to come now to Philadelphia. But we are now in relation to running and new projexct starting new activities. One from planning activities is to organize remote hackathon/ideatlon for Africa. It will be remote work for two months and we plan to present results on IST Africa conference in Nairobi.
If yo are interested to join us, here is preparational document If you are interested to cooperate with us, please contact me. You can also commented or updated document. We are looking for people, who will help us promote event and also help with mentoring different groups. You can also add new topics.
I would like also ask, when and where will be next IGAD meeting. Due the fact, that I am now part of EO4Agri initiative and I am responsible for problems of Earth Observation for Food Security, I would like start discussed this issue during next IGAD meeting. I am ready to allocate my effort and eventual some source to organize such small workshop.
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