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12 Dec 2018

Dear Imma, all,
It's been a great and rewarding experience being part of the Interest Group on Agricultural Data and following the various working groups.
Unfortunately, like Imma said, due to incompatibilities with the characteristics of my work as an academic researcher, I have to interrupt it, for the respect that I give to the role of being a co-chair and the expectancies that it implies.
I want to thank personally Imma, Patricia and Esther for being such a wonderful team to work with. And, obviously, the warm community that has gathered around this group.
Personally, I'll continue to stay around and will gladly contribute to IGAD, especially in the topics of semantics for agriculture. I thus hope to have, and I'm sure there will be, many occasions to see you all again!
Warmest Regards,
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Subject: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg][on-farm-data-sharing-wg][metrics-indicators-agriculture][agriculturecapacitydev] News about the IGAD chairs
Dear IGAD Community Members,
It is time to express our gratitude to the IGAD co-chairs Esther Dzale and Armando Stellato, for their valuable contributions to this community during the last two years. Due to their tight agendas and portfolios, Esther and Armando's involvement as co-chairs of IGAD are unfortunately coming to an end, but they will continue very much involved in the RDA activities around agriculture and semantics.
Esther and Armando: we are sincerely thankful for the time and dedication you have put into the IGAD activities. Your hard work is reflected in the growth and success of this community!
Patricia & Imma
IGAD co-chairs