Proposed Delft / Barcelona follow-on discussion of agricultural features

18 May 2017
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It has been a while since the Agriculture Summit at the OGC TC in Delft and the various Ag sessions at the RDA plenary in Barcelona. It seems timely to schedule a call / webconference to sort through the various discussions that have occurred and see what activities it would make sense for some combination of organizations including OGC to pursue.
It has been quite clear that greater interoperability of agricultural data in many forms is required to meet a number of data sharing and integration goals. It is also clear that there are many organizations engaged in building data models or interchange specifications. In some cases these are complementary and in other cases overlapping. In general though, they take varying approaches to modeling space and geography, presenting a geospatial interoperability challenge of different formats, divergent coordinate systems, and varying collection or aggregation units.
My suggestions for an agenda is to look at some experimental activities, such as interoperability experiment or testbed, and ask whether OGC can represent the development of a standard agricultural feature model which could be incorporated into various other agricultural data specifications and provide a form of consistency and validity to the representation of space +/- time. Something like . This at least would be one way of organizing a collaboration with roles suiting the particular expertise of each organization.
There are other possibilities for action to discuss, including another SoilML activity with a possible connection to urban surface / underground environments, as well as a common data format for UAV-derived agricultural imagery. There is an Agricultural DWG session also scheduled for the OGC St. Johns meeting at the end of June at which activities can be further considered and perhaps formalized.
The call is scheduled for Thursday, 25 May at 9am US eastern daylight time (13h UTC), since this day and time seemed reasonable in the Summit planning process. Call logistics are below. Let me know if you can make it and any changes or additions you suggest for call topics.
Josh Lieberman
Chair, Agriculture DWG
Principal, Tumbling Walls
+1 617 431 6431