ADMP now an Interest Group

05 Nov 2014

Dear all

in case you have not noticed, the ADMP BoF posts and membership have been moved into an Interest Group.

Helen, David and I updated the case statement. The 200 word limit does restrict the details that can be put in but I believe that we've included the points that were made. WHile not perfect it at least scopes out an area of interest which we can work with.

Clearly the next plenaries are going to be very packed so it would be useful to do as much as we can outside the meeting. I plan to put up as many ideas as I can - short concept posts and short documents - and I'd encourage others to do the same over the next month or so so we can arrange some discussions before the planary.



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    Author: David Baker

    Date: 05 Nov, 2014

    David - this is great news! I look forward to this next phase in our work.
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