Related work on data lifecycle phases from formulation to exploitation

The attached file is a cut down version of a document being produced by the group which wrote OAIS (ISO 14721) - all the boiler-plate text has been removed.

The aim of the document is to

"define a framework for gathering information throughout the information lifecycle, from the proposal to the long-term re-use of the resulting information, focusing on the activities needed at each stage which will help to ensure that the data can be optimally exploited over the long term

This is very relevant for the ADMP aims.

We expect that this document will eventually become an ISO standard and the results of the RDA-ADMP group will link into the standardised terminology and the final version of the document. In particular the RDA-ADMP should, I hope, define exchange formats, tools and requirements.

I'd be grateful if RDA-ADMP members could provide feedback on this document, but please bear in mind that this is still in draft and has a number of areas to complete so it is the broad concepts rather than typos that I'd be keen to know about.



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