RDA 13th Plenary Meeting Session Chair Planning

25 Mar 2019

Dear P13 Session Chairs,


In preparation for RDA’s 13th Plenary Meeting in Philadelphia, we’ve prepared some information to assist you as you finalize your sessions. If you have questions, please contact enquiries@rd-alliance.org and the Secretariat will get you additional information as soon as possible. Please take a few minutes to review the following:


Remote Participation

  • For those of you who have requested remote participation support, virtual attendance information has been added to your session pages.
  • Each meeting room offering remote participation will have a laptop with Internet access, sufficient audio capabilities and a dedicated GoToMeeting account, which will be running prior to the start of your session. You will simply need to open up your presentation on the provided laptop to enable your remote participants to view it.  


Slides and Materials

  • Please have your presentation(s) available either on a USB drive and/or in a shared location that is accessible online, such as Google docs, Dropbox, on your session page, etc.
  • Add links to your presentations, handouts and other materials on your session pages.  The noted session point of contact has edit permissions to their session pages (an ‘Edit’ button will appear for that person on their session page when logged in).


Collaborative Notes

  • Your session pages include a link to a blank Google doc to use for collaborative note taking.  If you prefer a different platform for collaborative notes, please update the link.


Session Attendance Tracking

  • We invite you to circulate and ask the attendees to complete paper attendance sheets in each meeting room, which we ask that you leave in the room after your session so that we can provide e-versions for those who request them.  You also have the option of encouraging attendees to include their name on the Collaborative Notes page (mentioned above). 


Session Best Practices for Chairs

  • Be interactive and engage with your audience where possible and appropriate.  The RDA community is intelligent, engaged, and open - prioritizing discussion time will make for a better session!
  • Request participants sign-in to your session.
  • Be welcoming to newcomers in your group.
  • Regardless of where your group is in its timeline, focus on the importance of adoption and the benefits of identifying potential organizations who would be willing to implement your recommendations.


The Secretariat and numerous volunteers from Drexel University (who will be easily identifiable) will be available throughout the Plenary to assist as needed. Please contact enquiries@rd-alliance.org, should you have questions or need assistance.


Safe travels,



RDA Secretariat