Papers to do a systematic review

21 Sep 2021

Dear colleagues,


My name is Yulia Karimova. I´m a PhD student at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, and I´m also a researcher and data steward at INESC TEC Porto. I’m a part of several RDA groups. My doctoral thesis is focused on DMP, namely the development of DMP services at an institution and the improvement of the RDM workflow in general. 

Currently, I am collecting papers to do a systematic review on different ways and approaches that were used and proposed at diverse organisations to develop and implement DMP support services for researchers. I already have some papers, on topics related to my goal, from Scopus. However, I believe that much information exists as technical reports or less formal documentation, not available as journal papers. 


So I ask for your help to point me to any such materials that you know of. It will help me a lot!


Thank you so much

Best regards


Yulia Karimova