More Slides on Actionable DMPs from RDA8

20 Oct 2016

Hi All,
I uploaded our slides from the Denver meeting for developing machine-actionable DMP use cases to the Active DMPs IG repository (in a folder rather than a direct file upload, but that doesn't seem to pose a problem):
We-the DMPTool, DMPonline, and Daniel Mietchen-want to echo Tomasz's sentiments about the excellent questions and productive discussions in Denver. Please mark your calendars for IDCC 2017 (20-23 Feb), where we plan to continue building momentum for machine-actionable DMPs through presentations, a workshop (details forthcoming), and informal discussions. We'll also be at PIDapalooza (9-10 Nov) gathering ideas about persistent identifiers in DMPs:
And continue sending us feedback on the DMPonline themes; details on the DCC blog: