DMP news and sessions at plenary 11

03 Mar 2018

Members of this list may be interested in some news we've shared with the DMPonline user group. See below.


And don't forget, there are two DMP sessions at the forthcoming Berlin plenary:

  1. WG DMP Common Standards in breakout 2, 14:30-16:00 on 21 March
  2. WG Exposing Data Management Plans in breakout 6, 15:30-17:00 on 22 March

Look forward to engaging with you all on DMPs



There have been some exciting developments in DMPonline land recently. For those who were at IDCC, you may have seen us demo new features that are out to test, or international observers may have seen that the DMPTool launched these this week!


DMPonline has also now announced a go live date! The new code will be pushed into production on Thursday 8th March, so expect downtime between 9am-5pm GMT. We’re sorry we couldn’t do this simultaneously with the US team but the rush of IDCC and subsequent campus closures due to USS strikes and snowmageddon have delayed things on the UK end.


Once the two services are in production we will do a formal DMPRoadmap code release so other international users can migrate their services. Stay tuned for further updates on this, or join the Slack #community channel to chat with devs. If you aren't already a member, send us your email and we can invite you.


Existing DMPonline admins may be interested in this news item which explains how we’ve migrated legacy guidance to the new shortened set of DMP themes. You may want to revise your guidance in light of changes after we go live.


For now, enjoy trying out the new features and we’ll be in touch again very soon!