DMP Common Standards WG - Kick-off call next week

06 Oct 2017

* Apologies for cross-postings *
Dear all,
we are writing to you because we have some new information concerning the
DMP Common Standards WG.
Our group is officially endorsed! Congratulations to all of you! The whole
process went very fast and smooth. This would not be possible without your
contributions and support. However, now it is time for us to deliver. The
clock is ticking and we have 18 months to produce outputs. This means that
in the 13th Plenary in 2019 we should be presenting them. From now on we
will send updates only to the dmp-common mailing list.
During the plenary in Montreal we have presented a vision for our WG. You
can find the slides here [1]. We have also prepared a plan of actions that
we would like to accomplish before the next plenary in Berlin in March 2018.
The general idea is to perform two consultations that will help us identify:
- how available information changes over the research lifecycle and
how requirements of specific stakeholders evolve over time
- what are the related existing standards, models, vocabularies,
ontologies, schemas, etc.
Based on the results of consultations we would like to create a first draft
of the data model. We are going to use the GitHub and will run local
workshops. We would like to introduce you to details of the plan during the
kick-off call.
We will organise two kick-off calls. This should give everyone a chance to
join - independent of the time zone they live in. Please help us identify
the best time slot by filling out the doodle poll. Please fill it out latest
by the end of this week, because on Monday we will be sending out
invitations for the chosen time slots that are next week.
We look forward to seeing you all in the kick-off call.
Kind regards,
Tomasz Miksa, Paul Walk, Peter Neish
Chairs of the DMP Common Standards WG